You can manage the whole shebang within your league and their divisions. This includes non-league contests, schools and sports. Don't worry about additional work. Once we have it running on your site your AD's and coaches can manage their own schools and teams.
Manage your schools league and non-league schedules. Then, display them on your school website. Your games are automatically updated in the league webstie and wherever your schedules are displayed, including your opponents.
Manage your teams league and non-league schedules, including JV and Freshman schedules. Your games display update on league and school websites. Your subscrived fans will recieve schedule reminders weekly and the day of the game.
Coming soon: Add rosters to your teams for display on your school website.
Subscribe to your favorite schools and teams. You'll receive a weekly reminder and the latest information the morning of the contest via email.
Coming soon: Notifications via text messages and social media.